4 Ways To Enhance Your PowerPoint Skills

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Landed here wondering about making your presentations look more professional? Lack the skills or the time to make presentations look the way you want them? If you haven’t yet started using PowerPoint yet, wake up! You should seriously reconsider your presentation skills as PowerPoint has completely transformed the way presentations were dealt with in the past. The presentations come alive with the numerous features that PowerPoint offers for customizations. This post will enhance your PowerPoint presentation skills like you have never thought of before:

1. Don’t Let The PowerPoint Tools Dominate Your Presentations:
If you are doing everything with the tools that PowerPoint provides, there’s not much left that could make your presentation stand out from the rest. Just because you can doesn’t really mean you should. You should be very selective while using the tools PowerPoint has for your convenience. Select your theme which compliments your requirements. The availability of numerous fonts means you don’t need to stick with the defaults. Innovate wherever possible to give it an authentic look.

2. Create Custom Slide Sizes:
Presentations look different on different sized screens. Although you can get away with the default sized slides in most cases, you will require some adjustments for weirdly sized displays. Luckily, PowerPoint lets you change the slide size as per your requirements. All you need to do is click on “File” and edit the height and width of the slide under the “Page Setup” option and click “Ok”.

3. Slide Template Design:
This is one important thing you should keep in mind before you actually start working on the presentation. Editing the Slide Template Designs in the beginning is much easier compared to manually designing each and every slide to make them look alike. You can either choose to do the mind numbing toil or work smart by selecting the “Slide Master” feature listed under the “Edit Master” option by clicking on the “Themes” in the top navigation pane. Do whatever you require and then sit back and relax as all the current as well as the slides you will create will use the same template.

4. Object Alignment:
You can’t expect to make your presentations look professional unless you have made sure that all your content is properly aligned. Manually lining up images by dragging them often makes the slides look unprofessional. PowerPoint gives the option to align multiple objects at once. Once you have selected multiple objects, the alignment can be done using the “Align or Distribute” feature available under the “Arrange” option in the top options bar. You can also align objects to the slide by choosing the “Align to Slide” option available under the “Align or Distribute” feature. Align the objects according to the requirements and give your presentation a professional look.

Microsoft PowerPoint is such a powerful tool that it is impossible to list all the cool features it offers. Some other important features that provide the flexibility to the user include the various formatting options listed under the “Format” menu along with the freedom to create custom shapes. PowerPoint indeed is the best software out there to make your presentations look the way you have always wanted them to. You can purchase PowerPoint as a standalone or as part of the Microsoft Office package from resellers like Software King or directly from Microsoft.