What is Google’s “Project Tango” and How Will it Revolutionize Indoor Wayfinding?

Google has long been revolutionizing the world as we know it, and much of it remains hidden from the knowledge of the general public until it is all set to take over the world by surprise. Google’s project Tango is no different. Even though much research has went into its development and the probable launch is expected to be pretty soon, a large section of the population is still ignorant about the name, let along the functionality and repercussion in the daily life. Google is about to change your Smartphone into a genius device and most probably you are not even aware of it.

What is Project Tango?

Project Tango is one of the most daunting projects undertaken by the tech giant. The team, led by Johnny Lee, a member of Microsoft Kinect team, has been working on the development of the project for years now. All that is soon going to bear fruit as it is expected that Tango will make its appearance in the consumer market within a year or so.

Project Tango was conceptualized to provide an eye to the various mobile devices, the most popular being the Smartphone. It is a part of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) program which Google bought at the time of acquiring Motorola and did not sell off when it passed on ownership of Motorola to Lenovo. Project Tango was conceptualized as a means to provide our everyday use mobile devices a feel of space and environment. Till date, even with the various sensors available on our Smartphone, it is not able to pinpoint its own location and the location of various other items in the vicinity. With the success of project Tango all that is going to change.

How will Project Tango revolutionize Indoor Wayfinding?

It can be safely said that project Tango is going to further blur the line between real and virtual world. With the concept of indoor navigation and indoor positioning being used at hospitals, schools, and malls by navigation companies like JibeStream, Google is going to take it to the next level and bring the world of indoor navigation and virtual reality together. There are innumerable real life applications of project Tango.

To begin with, it is most likely to be embedded into the virtual-reality gaming arena. Now, let us consider the VR headsets already available. Tango allows the mobile to actually see what is there within the vicinity. Thus, you can be playing a game where the obstacles are present exactly at the same places your chair or table or wall is located. You may even have a complete battle within your own home, using these objects as place for hiding and attacking.

Tango is going to transform the way you shop for furniture. No more taking measure using tapes. Your mobile will create a virtual map of your house with exact dimensions and you will be able to see firsthand how your home will look with the new furniture without having to take it home.

Using location beacons you will be able to store information at specific locations for other Tango users to find out. This will make browsing through stacks of products in the chopping mall a lot easier.

Limitless opportunities

The opportunity of Tango is simply limitless. Google has almost done the hardest part. All one will have to do is embed Tango into their respective apps. And, voila! Virtual comes to life in the real world too.

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