Learn and Create Memories at an Art Gallery

One of the simple joys in which a person can indulge, is visiting an art gallery. Wandering around the large rooms surrounded by paintings or sculptures from different cultures or from different time periods can open your eyes to something new and exciting. From vivid abstracts to the calming impressionists to new local art, you can always find something to enjoy. There are so many different styles of art, everyone can find something to piqué their interest. An engaging painting can speak to the viewer and spark a passion. A spectacular sculpture can become a muse for someone, inspiring them in ways they never knew possible. Besides the beautiful aesthetics of an exciting painting, there are so many other reasons to visit an art gallery.

Perhaps one of the most simplistic reasons to stroll through a gallery is to gain a little time for yourself in an otherwise hectic schedule. Amble through a gallery on free afternoon and unplug from your day to day responsibilities and relish the quiet time. No phone, no computer, just you and the paintings. Quietly move from painting to painting and examine the use of color and light. See how an artist is able to take something that may have gone unnoticed to something extraordinary. Meet new people by exchanging ideas about a favorite painting or even a piece of art you dislike. You may be introduced to a completely new idea from a fellow spectator with a different outlook. Everyone takes their own life experience and applies it to what they see. By speaking with someone you are not familiar with or has lived a different life, you will get a fresh take on something you may have overlooked.

Viewing art is not just about learning for yourself. Introduce culture to your child by exploring art galleries with them for an afternoon and enrich their lives in ways that would not be possible otherwise. Use the gallery as tool for teaching your child about different time periods and people. For example, speak with your child about Egyptians before you set off. When you arrive, you can explore the vast rooms for paintings or sculptures focused on Egyptian art. Encourage your child to point out the differences in what you see, to how you and your child live. By adding visual clues to a lesson, your child will be more likely to remember what you have told them. You may gain a fresh perspective by viewing a painting through your child’s eyes. Aside from being a great learning experience, you are sharing something with your child that may ignite something within them and create lasting memories for you both.

Whatever your goal is, art galleries can be a fantastic place to spend an afternoon. Whether you attend a large metropolitan gallery with works from all over the world, or a local art gallery supplied by local artists, you will be spending an afternoon indulging in beauty, learning about history and culture and enriching your life.

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