5 Common Mistakes Caused By a Security Guard


Security guards are saviors. We rely on them to protect us, we sleep peacefully at night because we know that they are out there, guarding us and our assets. They make life a lot less scary for us and almost make us believe that we will never be a part of a crime scene. Their presence makes us feel safer.

People who have devoted themselves to protecting and keeping us safe are superheroes, right? In that aspect, security guards can also be considered superheroes. But well, they are not. Though their cause is noble as well, security guards are only human and tend to commit mistakes like the rest of us. The difference is, when these people commit mistakes, it can sometimes cost lives. While sophisticated software like Silvertrac can mitigate problems and issues that can occur on the job, mistakes can still happen.

Here are the five common mistakes a security guard can make in his job.

1. Bad Judgment

Security personnel are expected to make judgment calls all the time. It is a part of their job to assess a situation, determine the level of threat and take appropriate action.

If a security guard is nervous or unable to assess the situation properly, they could try to tackle the situation on their own which would lead to very risky circumstances.

On the other hand, if he calls for more support than necessary, it could lead to considerable loss of useful resources. Security guards are trained to perform well inspite of tough situations, hoping they would make the right decisions. Their decisions could save or cost lives and must be the right ones.

2. Blowing Things Out Of Proportion

At one point or another, we have all experienced this. Security guards tend to blow the situation out of proportion, causing panic and spreading fear. Though they mean well, this could lead to unnecessary stress and also, we all know the story of the boy who cried wolf.

3. Letting Sleep Take Over

One of the most common mistakes that they commit is not resting enough and letting sleep take over during the most crucial hours. What use is a security guard if they doze off when an incident occursl? Shifts and patrols are rotated to ensure each guard as at their max attentiveness. A software has the advantage to schedule shifts quickly, efficiently, and effectively where a human created schedule is prone to mistakes.

4. Not Being Physically Fit

A bodyguard, a security guard or any security officer for that matter needs to be physically fit and in shape. If security guards are not in shape, they may not be able to respond to situations where they should have been. Sometimes, these guards tend to become lazy, obese and physically inactive. When the emergency arises, they are unable to perform as expected. This is another one of the common mistakes. 

5. Not Being Updated on Current Trends

The world is changing and we have to keep up with its rapid pace. Security officials are not an exception to this. New techniques evolve every day. The security guards must learn to make full use of these technologies to protect and safeguard their customers with maximum efficiency. Failure to learn the new trends and progresses in their fields are a mistake so common that they have to be avoided.

Security guards are often the first to respond to the scene, it is only fair to be realistic and reasonable in our expectations and hope that they do not commit mistakes. After all, they are here to keep us safe and any mistakes on their part are definitely not deliberate.

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