4 Must Read Tips Before Renting A Car

If freedom and flexibility is what you’re looking for on a trip, renting a vehicle is definitely your way to go! Sometimes a rented car is the only way to explore remote areas which exhibit natural beauty. Renting a car can definitely prove to be an asset only if you are diligent enough to understand the complications associated with renting a car.

Have a look at some tips that will help you ease your burden:

1. Deny Fuel Prepayment

You can save big bucks by denying the car rental company’s prepaid fuel scheme which they will try their best to force upon you. Prepaid fueled cars would indeed be considered to be a wise choice by many, but keep your senses alert to understand the logic behind with this one. They are a business afteral, and businesses are something that is totally profit oriented. The rental company will definitely come up with some schemes to lure you into their prepaid fueling scheme. Even though they will convince you to pay for the fuel you use, this thing gets aggressively tipped in favor of the rental agency and will ultimately prove to be an expensive affair for you. If you don't believe us, see this article from USATODAY about Hertz new Express Fuel policy that they hid in the fine prints!

2. Check For Possible upgrades

How often have you wished for a bigger car after the rental agency has handed you the keys to a car that turned out to be much smaller to fit your expectations? One thing you might have noticed for sure is that some people get bigger car upgrades at very minimal costs out of nowhere. This happens because they have the nerve to enquire for the upgrades available at the rental desk in a certain way. The upgrade rates can be adjusted according to your budget, as the agent at the desk holds enough privilege to alter upgrade rates. Don’t forget the maximum you can spend- you don’t want to end up having a trip full of math and regret altogether.

3. Bring Your Own Extras

Won’t you find it very surprising if someone tells you that bringing some obvious extras from your home can help you save big time on the overall trip expenses? Most people would definitely disagree to this but the fact that bringing small extras such as your own GPS system or a Radio can help save you a lot of money. Also, if the rental company has listed some of its extras in your bill, make sure you get them struck off before you drive off. This tip helps save valuable money which can be used for other significant purpose.

4. Inspect Well

Missing out on an initial inspection of the car is something you should forbid yourself from doing. Hurrying to get somewhere can land you into trouble if you are absent minded. Inspect the car very well which the rental agency has given you keys to. Explore each and every corner of the car, whether it is the exterior or interior. Check carefully for every minute detail that can be later claimed to be as some damage inflicted on the car and note it down on your paperwork. Keep your camera ready to snap pictures of the car to testify the condition you received the vehicle in. Look for the presence of repairing toolbox in the car as the jack and lug wrench are some of the components that often go missing from the rented cars.

Make sure the car also has a properly inflated spare tire. The brakes of the car and the fluid levels are also worth noticing as these components can inflict serious damage to the person in case of their failure. Taking the car out for a test ride can often disclose some of the problems regarding the vehicle at an initial stage.


These were some tips that come in handy while renting a car. Always be sure to use reputable companies. The convenience of renting a car is indeed much more as it saves a lot of time.

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